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Life’s Overwhelmed might be the new normal, but it’s just

What if we repurposed Overwhelmed and embraced it and attached it to Truth rather than all the pressures and stress that come with Life’s Overwhelmed.

I’ve never been a fan of Life’s Overwhelmed – the one that feeds on stress, pressures, expectations and circumstances. In my younger years, I took performance pressure’s bait – hook, line and sinker. Then tried to control the landscape by joining my skinny High School locker-buddy on a diet that eventually landed us with eating disorders. Thankfully, Truth – with all its grace and hope and peace and joy – showed up and did what it does – reframed Overwhelmed.

When I had kids, I determined to keep Overwhelmed at bay, since society seemed to have dialed up the intensity. Which is why I started saying (some days yelling out the car window)– This stuff is not the boss of you! Grades don’t define you! That job is just a job not a gauge of your worth. And offer Truth-reminders of whose they/we. Then Truth does what it has done through the ages – overpowers and reframes the stress, pressures and expectations’ all its would’s, could’s & should’s.

Life’s Overwhelmed isn’t the boss – Truth is, has been and always will be. Let’s be overwhelmed by that!

I wrote Not the Boss of Us: Putting Overwhelmed in its Place in a Do-All/Be-All World because I was mad at Life’s Overwhelmed and what it did/does to people we love. The stories are ours but the soul-hydrating Truth is God’s. Truth, faithfully and genuinely woven throughout every day –  stands ready to overwhelm us with:

Purpose rather than all the endless performance pressures,

Provision instead of worry and anxiety,

Belonging rather than fighting to fit in,

Hope over the trappings of this world, … and more

What’s tempting to overwhelm you today? Why not, together, let’s call it out and reframe it to good.

Not the Boss of Us is simply our stories (hard, funny and sometimes others’ stories) about calling out pressures, surrendering and remembering to be Overwhelmed by Truth. It’s a start to the conversation. Because a topic like Overwhelmed can be overwhelming, but worth contemplating – together. If nothing else – maybe we just need to say and hear the words out loud: Life’s pressures, stress & circumstances just aren’t the boss of us – Truth is.

SO…. If you choose, here’s how you can help:

  • Set up a brief Facebook Live chat about a season of overwhelming in your life and how Truth reframed your perspective
  • Send an email to your list about Not the Boss of Us. We can provide you a media kit with copy and images to choose from that you can add your introduction to.
  • Share an Instagram Story about the book when you receive it

Email [email protected] and let us know what would work best for you from above, or make a different suggestion you feel will best serve your audience? 

THANKS for letting me ask for help and for walking the road with me.