What could happen if we practiced Thankfulness, Kindness & Mercy each day for 30 days? Want to try? Our family and some curious friends did. The results were undeniable.

Research has shown the benefits of thankfulness, kindness & mercy (its compassion, forgiveness, and more) individually, but magic occurs when they are practiced together. Putting into action healthy thought patterns, deepens the impact through experience and transforms us at the soul level. Peace – the Shalom kind of peace that means wholeness, completeness, the bringing together of opposites – shows up and stays for a while.

Want peace? Come and try. What have you got to lose?


themoatblog where alongside rules and roads are traveled together. Topics range from parenting tween/teens (the reason the blog began “Mothering Adolescents and Teens”) to broader societal issues and trends all met with honesty, others-centeredness, and a dash of humor for good measure.

Safe Places

A friend touched base yesterday, checking in to see how we’re doing. She was such an encouragement as she entered into our sphere while welcoming me into hers. We laughed, we cried and we prayed. She’s a safe place to do such things. Do you have a safe place? A friend? a mentor? A person with whom you can share real things? A place where you don’t need answers and where you don’t have to brace yourself for answers?

I think we all need safe places.

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Say Something is a show about authentic and open conversation in order to learn and to know – an exercise that involves a little bit of listening. There’s news-talk & sports-talk, Say Something is LIFE-TALK.

Most recent episode: LISTEN HERE or watch this video =>

Neighborhood Studies offers a spot to gather and openly/honestly discuss Scripture and its relevance to our lives today. Pull up a chair and come as you are, inside & out (and feel free to invite a friend/neighbor.)

Summer 2020




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On behalf of the Tablescapes committee and the entire crowd that heard your wonderful talk - thank you for sharing such an inspiring message and challenging us to replace comparison with compassion.

Hearts & Hands Tablescapes Luncheon Chairman May 13, 2016

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