For press kits on Kay’s books or for more information/interview requests, link to Waterbrook/Multnomah or to Lovell-Fairchild.

To hear/see Kay on a few of the platforms that have been kind to include Kay in their line-up link below:


On the nonfiction front, I did a lot of starting and skimming. A chunk of the middle of “Girl in Glass.” A few pages of “When Kids Call the Shots.” Pretty nearly all of Kay Wills Wyma’s “I’m Happy for You (Sort of … Not Really).” I loved that book’s message: We live in an age of discontent and envy, and if you can think (and better yet, mean) “I’m happy for you,” you’re so much better off.

Multiple Interviews/Contributor


In her warm, relatable style, Kay Wills Wyma confronts societal issues – from the comparison epidemic to the entitlement trend to life’s pressures resulting in Overwhelmed – encouraging audiences and offering remedies (plus a little laughter) along the way.

Local and national groups (PTAs, charitable organizations, churches, student groups – university and high school – women’s events/retreats, etc) regularly invite Kay to share on these and other topics. All of which reminds her, as she hopes to remind others, we’re walking this road together.

Fall 2016 Speaking:

  • Aug 20: National Charity League (NCL) – Highlander Chapter
  • Sept 9: NCL – Park Cities Chapter
  • Sept 19: NCL – Turtle Creek Chapter
  • Sept 21: Highland Park Presbyterian Church
  • Sept 25: MOST, First Baptist Grapevine
  • Sept 22: Brentfield Elementary PTA
  • Sept 19: MOST, First Baptist Grapevine
  • Oct 5: MOPS – Lewisville
  • Oct 16: MOST, First Baptist Grapevine
  • Nov 13: MOST, First Baptist Grapevine
  • November 21: MOPS – Northwest Bible Church

Winter/Spring 2017 Speaking:

  • Jan 15: MOST, First Baptist Grapevine
  • Jan 27: Generation Love Conference with Thelma Wells
  • Feb 17: Watermark Community Church – Young Women’s Leadership
  • Feb 19: MOST, First Baptist Grapevine
  • March 20: MOPS – Richardson
  • April 6: THRIVE Women’s Clinic – Keynote
  • April 7: MOPS – Lakeside
  • April 21: Highland Park Middle School Lunch 6/7 Lunch Bunch
  • April 23: MOST, First Baptist Grapevine
  • April 28-30: Pine Cove Camps – Mother/Daughter Retreat
  • May 6: Mom to Mom Retreat
  • May 17: Dallas Theological Seminary – Women’s Day


Blurbs for most requested topics. Contact [email protected] for info on others:

Comparison is the shortest route to a long funk. Our friends become our audience (or judges) and our titles, activities, even kids become part of our brand. Factor in comparison-infested social media and no wonder we’re drained and feeling isolated. But we have options. With its focus on smarter, faster, thinner, younger, and ever better, Obsessive Comparison Disorder has taken over homes across the globe. With candor and relatable stories, Kay Wyma shares tips and strategies on how to recapture contentment in our lives and in our homes. Join Kay Wyma on a candid, humorous exploration of comparison’s traps and others-oriented solutions.
With the greatest of intentions and in the name of love, parents hover, race in to save, arrange for success, overprotect, and enable their children. Take one frustrated mom add some overly messy rooms, a few well-placed whines and five unintentionally enabled kids and welcome to one family’s adventure to stop entitlement. Because kids can do more than they (or we) think they can.
Fill this in strategies on how to recapture contentment in our lives and in our homes. Join Kay Wyma on a candid, humorous exploration of comparison’s traps and others-oriented solutions.

Kay Wills Wyma is a blogger, mother of five, and author. With candor and humor, Kay’s latest book, I’m Happy for You (Sort of … not really) explores the troubling effects of living in a comparison-laced culture. Through it and her first book Cleaning House, she has appeared on NPRs Think, The Eric Metaxas Show, The TODAY Show, CNN, Glenn Beck, The New York Times, Focus on the Family (Best of 2013), Family LIfe, Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk (Best of 2013) and more. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she held positions at the White House, the Staubach Company, and Bank of America. Kay lives in the Dallas area with her husband, Jon, and their family

On behalf of the Tablescapes committee and the entire crowd that heard your wonderful talk - thank you for sharing such an inspiring message and challenging us to replace comparison with compassion.

Hearts & Hands Tablescapes Luncheon Chairman May 13, 2016

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