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Is anyone a fan of feeling overwhelmed? Life’s pressures, expectations and circumstances steal more than they give. When “overwhelmed” went too far, desperately hurting someone they knew, Kay Wyma and her family called it out and called it quits. Because, even though feeling overwhelmed has become the new normal – it does not have to own us. What if you could take the negative nature of being overwhelmed and diffuse it or, better yet, flip it to good and be overwhelmed by Truth instead?




Sandra Stanley

“This book is a breath of fresh air. Kay Wyma’s humor, honesty, and insight will inspire and encourage you to make some very good trades. Rather than allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by the trappings and pressures that seem chronic in this fast-paced world, Kay will show you how to slow down and lean into your Heavenly Father–who, by the way, made you for so much more.”

Sandra Stanley, Northpoint Ministries, author Breathing Room

Bob Lepine

“I love how Kay brings great wisdom to bear on the kind of real life all of us are experiencing. Who’s not overwhelmed, right? Here’s someone who can guide you to the rest and peace and joy your soul is craving.”
–Bob Lepine, cohost of FamilyLife Today

Elisa Morgan

“I’ve learned to trust Kay Wyma in matters of family–and life. . . . In Not the Boss of Us she shoves the overwhelming threats around us back into the shadows and allows us to embrace the freedom for which Christ set us free.”
–Elisa Morgan, speaker; author of The Beauty of Broken and The Prayer Coin; cohost of Discover the Word; president emerita of MOPS International

Jeannie Cunnion

“In Not the Boss of Us, Kay doesn’t gloss over the complexities of the daily demands we face. Instead she shows us how those demands don’t get to dictate how we live. Kay is a gifted storyteller who weaves both compassion and invitation into this book that is a must-read for any woman who has ever felt overwhelmed and under pressure. In these pages you will–you can’t not–find the freedom-full way of life you’ve been longing to discover.”

–Jeannie Cunnion, author of Mom Set Free

Courtney DeFeo

“Kay has always been the friend who realigns my thinking and reshapes my heart–guiding me gently back to truth every time. This is exactly what she does throughout every page of Not the Boss of Us. It’s a much-needed mind-set shakeup in a world drowning in overwhelmed.”

–Courtney DeFeo, author of In This House, We Will Giggle and creator Treasured Girlz

Heather MacFadyen

“Again and again whether in carpool line or school hallways or parking lots, Kay has been a fellow journeyer and guide. Walking with me, reminding me to be more overwhelmed with Christ more than my circumstances. With this book, “Not the Boss of Us”, you get the same privilege to grasp Kay’s ‘hand’, follow her lead and chose a better way of living.

Heather MacFadyen, Host of the GodCenteredMom podcast

Diane Paddison

“As I interact with women in the workplace, I see so many getting caught up in material trappings, titles, accomplishments, etc. Sometimes God interrupts when our perspective gets out of whack. He did with me. Not the Boss of Us is a must-read for everyone.”

–Diane Paddison, former C-Level Executive; founder and Executive Director of 4word; author of Work, Love, Pray

Jim Daly

All of us have times when life feels like a rat race–and the rats are winning! The chaotic pace of modern life can wreak havoc on our health, our families, and our sanity. But Kay Wills Wyma offers an encouraging and uplifting reminder that there’s a better way. We don’t have to let the tyranny of the urgent rob us of our joy.
–Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family