I’m Kay, a mother of five wonderful kids and wife to one terrific, sometimes overly safety-conscious, guy. I’m calendar challenged and am a founding member of the Women’s Auxiliary for the Organizationally Impaired. Sometimes I’m caught singing while driving the many carpool miles I’ve logged on my car. In my head, I look & sound good – ready to audition for The Voice. The kids might disagree.

I’m very regular, but along the way interesting things have happened. My resume includes The White House, The Staubach Company, Bank of America, & couple of start-up cottage businesses. But, though it involves weathering many an eye-roll, I love most my job as mom. With every trip to the DMV to encourage a scared 16yo with the same “you can do this” they’ve heard/endured over the years, my heart breaks a little. I know all too well that the days of them sitting close next to me are quickly coming to en end.

One of the interesting things that happened a few years ago is this blog. Bothered by the way pressures of the world have such power to steal the joy out of everyday situations and realizing that I’m not alone, I figured why travel it alone. So I pretended like I was 10 years younger than I am and joined the blogging world. Who knew that a couple of books would come from it. Or that some incredibly fun opportunities to chat with folks (who know a lot more than I do) would dot my calendar.

Which leads to a new favorite activity – the Say Something Show, a-come-as-you-are vodcast for walking life’s roads (relationships, friendship, parenting, hardship, entertainment,…) together. It’s a spot similar to this blog, but without all the reading.

So – themoatblog (as in Mothers of Adolescents & Teens putting a moat around our homes, together) is a come-as-you-are sort of spot where regular rules. Because around these parts, we really like each other and our friends just the way they are – each in their own YOU-nique – endowed by the Lord – beautiful gifting.

Thanks for walking the road with me.


p.s. If you live here or if you’re ever in Dallas on a Tuesday morning, we would LOVE for you to join the conversation at Neighborhood Studies where a group of gals gather each week to contemplate together God’s Word and His love for us. It’s a very regular, open & honest environment – kind of like themoatblog, I hope.


Kay Wills Wyma is a blogger, mother of five, author and vodcaster. With candor and humor, Kay’s latest book, I’m Happy for You (Sort of … not really) explores the troubling effects of living in a comparison-laced culture. Through it and her first book Cleaning House, she has appeared on NPRs Think, The Eric Metaxas Show, The TODAY Show, CNN, Glenn Beck, The New York Times, Focus on the Family (Best of 2013), Family LIfe, Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk (Best of 2013) and more. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she held positions at the White House, the Staubach Company, and Bank of America. Kay lives in the Dallas area with her husband, Jon, and their family