Mercy Invites Dignity and Redemption

We just passed the half-way point of our Heart Cleanse that I might be renaming Soul-Cleanse because that’s what seems to be going on. Something deep at a soul level is happening. A levity has entered our sphere. “Have you been doing our little cleanse thing?” I ask...

GKM Power Walks

The Heart Cleanse continues (40 day feast – practicing gratitude, kindness & mercy), and opportunities abound. This offered a lovely morning greeting after a wonderful (yet hard) college send-off weekend in San Antonio last weekend. The boys held down the fort...


themoatblog is  a come-as-you-are sort of spot where regular rules and roads are traveled together. Topics range from parenting tween/teens (the reason the blog began) to broader societal issues.

The Heart Cleanse – Feast not fast

A few weeks ago, just after backing out of the driveway (our neighborhood still has side drives) I was hit with a morning blast of unnecessary rudeness. Such a lovely way to start the day.

A car bossing it’s way down our street for sure wasn’t going to give way. … read more

Say Something is a show about authentic and open conversation in order to learn and to know – an exercise that involves a little bit of listening. There’s news-talk & sports-talk, Say Something is LIFE-TALK.

Most recent episode: LISTEN HERE or watch this video =>

Neighborhood Studies offers a spot to gather and openly/honestly discuss Scripture and its relevance to our lives today. Pull up a chair and come as you are, inside & out (and feel free to invite a friend/neighbor.)



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On behalf of the Tablescapes committee and the entire crowd that heard your wonderful talk - thank you for sharing such an inspiring message and challenging us to replace comparison with compassion.

Hearts & Hands Tablescapes Luncheon Chairman May 13, 2016

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