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Point of Light – George H.W. Bush, a true American Hero

(post date 12/1/8)  In the mid ‘80s when Ronald Reagan was President, then Vice President George H.W. Bush came to our home town for an event or two that my civically-minded and servant dad spearheaded. I don’t remember specifics, but a few things I do. I remember my mom inviting the Bush Advance team over for dinner, offering to wash their clothes …

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Say Something is a show about authentic and open conversation in order to learn and to know – an exercise that involves a little bit of listening. There’s news-talk & sports-talk, Say Something is LIFE-TALK.

Most recent episode: LISTEN HERE or watch this video =>

Neighborhood Studies offers a spot to gather and openly/honestly discuss Scripture and its relevance to our lives today. Pull up a chair and come as you are, inside & out (and feel free to invite a friend/neighbor.)


On behalf of the Tablescapes committee and the entire crowd that heard your wonderful talk - thank you for sharing such an inspiring message and challenging us to replace comparison with compassion.

Hearts & Hands Tablescapes Luncheon Chairman May 13, 2016

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